Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo updates of Urs and friends

What can I do for ya, mama! I love this face.  These photos were taken at 17 weeks, we had cloudy days but made the best of it. His color is changed since then at 6 months he is really black, I wanted a black sable, but now I miss his orange puppy fur. 
can't resit those eyes or the fuzzy ears
Kelpie Cayde watching swans on a windy day at the lake.
Bo-dog making his evil face
lots and lots
and lots of ears
Kelpie ears
and colt ears
Church at 14 months, hes a good one!
Urs turning black at 5 months
The end

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  1. i love this blog! cus i <3 dogs and horses. now folowing!